How to withdraw/send USD to an Ecocash wallet




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    clifford moyo

    usually how long does it take to cash into my ecocash wallet and also does the waiting period defers defer between weekdays and weekends


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    Letwin Muzarurwi

    How can I buy bitcoins through ecocash

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    Why my withdrawal was rejected?

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    Why was my Ecocash withdrawal rejected?

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    Tawanda Dube

    withdrawal still processing, how long does it take to confirm and transfer funds

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    Андрей Успешный

    want to sell a lot of their bitcoin 10% cheaper on your prices anyone interested write on mail

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    Tawanda dube

    i thought an ecocash withdrawal takes max 6hours how longs does it rily take waiting on transaction done friday

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    Nomsa Mukuze

    Hello Tawanda

    Withdrawals to Ecocash are currently taking longer that is why we put the notice on our website trying to encourage all our valued customers to process withdrawals to bank accounts.

    Currently we are working on another method so that withdrawals to  Ecocash will be processed within 1 working day.


    Nomsa Mukuze




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    did withdrawls to ecocash wallets come back to normal or are there still restrictions ?

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