How to make a BTC Deposit




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    Aaron Nduna

    how long does it take for your btc deposit to be accepted

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    Tawanda Kembo

    BTC deposits are automatically credited to your wallet after 1 confirmation

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    It has been more than 5 hrs since i transferred 1 btc from my other wallet to my Golix wallet and it shows in the blockchian 6 confirmations plus but my account is still not credited. please respond ASAP as this is not normal!

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    Андрей Лукьянченко

    Good day. I find it difficult to register with you on the site, because I'm from Russia. I do not receive the SMS code on the phone. And I can confirm my identity only by sending a photocopy of the passport.

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    Андрей Успешный

    want to sell a lot of their bitcoin 10% cheaper on your prices anyone interested write on mail

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    How many confirmations are needed to get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposits to show up on our wallets?

    I have a confirmed transaction; however, my balance is not showing up.  Trx #

    Also, can we get the number of decimals increased so deposits, withdrawals, and transactions can use all of our coins?


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    Nomsa Mukuze,

    You do know Golix (you) would NOT piss people off if Golix exchange and wallets worked!!!!  I've had 2 Support tickets in for over a month that have NOT BEEN responded to from Golix; not once!

    Transactions show as being confirmed BUT Golix HAS NO showing/record of our crypto-currency getting into our wallets.  Golix better start doing support better and get things working!

    Golix is starting to turn into THE WORST EXCHANGE EVER!!!

    Can you get our currencies back from your black hole and available to us?


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    It's been 3 days. Money has not yet come. You robbed us?

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    Nomad mukuze I did not get my bch. I am writing a statement for the interpol and the court. you, scammers, put in jail. I translated bch to golix 19z1Mk85dNTNmCsGmKVPYYi3Gdi4GK5sWV. it's already 30+ days, but my deposit is 0. Return my money.

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