Deposit USD via Bank Transfer




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    Can i use Advanced Cash

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    Desmond Guru


    Please assist to clear my deposit need to urgently get all bitcoins by morning 8 AM

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    Sadly this site is a scam. It is not possible to withdraw your money, USD or crypto. We are several to mount a lawsuit, because we know who is behind this. Contact me to know more.

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    made a deposit on the 6th of January up to now its not reflecting in my golix account but the funds were deducted from my bank, golix support is utterly useless no response even the landline does not go through. i miss Bitcoinfundi, customer service used to be good.

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    Алексей Елисеев

    make typing on the stock exchange in the "Advanced Cash"

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    do you have a phone number on which i can chase up USD deposits, as my money, confirmed by the bank to be in your account is not reflecting in my wallet, and i am getting no reply to emails sent or to ticket left in your system


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